SEN (Special Educational Needs)

School SENCO - Stacey Ward  contact 01279 629427

Assistant SENCO  - Catherine Lewis contact 01279 629427

At Church Langley Primary School we promote an atmosphere of: encouragement, acceptance, respect for the achievements of others and sensitivity to individual needs, in which all pupils can thrive, achieving their personal best.

In particular, for pupils with Special Educational Needs, we strive to promote a climate of warmth 
and support in which confidence and self- esteem can grow, so that all pupils feel valued and are 
able to risk making mistakes as they learn, without fear of criticism or failure.
We believe that mainstream schools, with an inclusive disposition and orientation, are:

"[Inclusion is] … the most effective means of combating discriminatory attitudes, creating welcoming communities, building an inclusive society and achieving education for all…"

Taken from the 'Salamanca Statement' - UNESCO 1994