The wearing of the school uniform is a requirement of attendance at Church Langley Primary School and will be strictly enforced.  School uniform promotes a positive attitude and sense of belonging to the school and a suitable image in the eyes of the wider community.

The uniform consists of:

  • White polo shirt or school shirt (polo shirts can be purchased from the school office, and have the school logo embroidered on to them)
  • Plain dark grey trousers/skirt
  • Bottle green sweatshirt – these may be purchased from school with the school logo embroidered onto them, but plain bottle green sweatshirts may be purchased from other providers
  • Bottle green sweat cardigan for girls – only those purchased from Create Identitee and/or the school are acceptable
  • Plain black shoes

Church Langley Primary School operates an indoor shoe policy, i.e. children must have footwear to change into as they arrive at school each morning. The majority of our pupils elect to wear plimsolls inside.

The school also operates a NO JEWELLERY POLICY for safety reasons; children must remove ALL jewellery – including ear-rings – before coming to school.

PE uniform consists of:

  • Plain white polo shirt or t-shirt – unless these are purchased from school, in which case they will have the school logo embroidered onto them
  • Plain black shorts (for indoor lessons)
  • Plain black jogging bottoms (for outdoor lessons)
  • For outdoor activity, a school jumper or fleece (Children are not permitted to wear tops with hoods for health and safety reasons.)
  • KS2 – all children will need a pair of trainer for outdoor lessons.

Long hair must be tied back for P.E. lessons.

Hair accessories:

Children electing to wear hair accessories, e.g. bobbles, headbands, scrunchies, etc. must ensure that these match their natural hair colour or reflect school colours – white, green or grey only.

Uniform can be ordered directly at Create Identitee - Schoolwear > PRIMARY > Church Langley Primary School | Create Identitee