Anti-Bullying 2023 - Make A Noise

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, all the children shared an assembly to revisit what the term ‘Bullying’ means and why so many people confuse this with unkind acts. The children were able to recall the previous Anti-Bullying week themes of One Kind Word (2021) and Reach Out (2022) before exploring issues relating to this year’s theme of Make A Noise (2023).


With the help of our very own 'ODD SOCKS BAND', the children were very clear on the following messages:

- “Bullying is intentional (it’s not an accident)”.

- “A bully hurts someone on purpose”.

- “Bullying is repetitive, and this means that the bully hurts someone over and over again; it isn’t an incident that happens only once”.

- “In general, bullying is where one person acts like they have more power than another and does whatever they can to hurt that person.”

- "Targets of bullying are not powerless and they can make a noise, seeking support from friends, trusted adults and their peers."


Throughout the week, all the different classes participated in a range of activities, appropriate to the age and stage of the children's development, to highlight issues surrounding bullying.

Please click on the individual links below to share in the learning form the year group.


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Year 6

Year 6 Anti-Bullying Video 2023 - All.mp4