Music - Instrumental Hire and Tuition Vouchers

Music – Online Registration, Instrument Hire and Tuition Vouchers

If you and your child(ren) are interested in instrumental tuition through the Essex Music Service scheme, please complete the online registration form at

Here you will be able to register interest, hire an instrument and apply for tuition vouchers.

This is a secure website, linked with Essex Music Services (part of Essex County Council).

Since September 2005, we have been running instrumental lessons after school for any interested children within the school. These sessions are organised on a termly basis. Currently, we have tutors available for the following instruments:

  • Piano/keyboard (please note, this is very popular, therefore there is currently a waiting list)
  • Guitar (for year 4 children and above)
  • Woodwind (clarinet, flute or saxophone)

There is the possibility of requesting tutors for other instruments; please contact me if this is something you or your child is interested in. Please note that, at this time, we are unable to offer drum lessons as we do not have a drum kit available in school.


There will be 10 lessons per term and, as of September 2019, a block of lessons will cost £101.50. These are individual lessons lasting 20 minutes, which take place after school so as not to interfere with curriculum time.

Although the school cannot help by subsidising the cost of instrumental tuition as it is not a curriculum entitlement, to ensure that the cost of learning an instrument does not stop any child from pursuing their interest and developing their talent, there is a voucher scheme in operation in the county. This is available to families on Income Support, Jobseekers’ Allowance and Working Families Tax Credit and if eligible, could entitle you to a voucher worth up to £50.75.

Instrumental Tuition Vouchers

From April 2017 the criteria below applies:

To qualify for a voucher you must be receiving one of the following or similar benefits:
•    Income Support or Income Based Job Seeker’s Allowance 
•    Working/Child Tax Credit - if you receive more than the basic £545.34 excluding any childcare element 
•    HMRC have assessed your annual household income at £20,000 or less.

Applicants who receive other eligible benefits, e.g. State or Widow’s Pension or disability benefit, should also receive Child Tax Credit if they are responsible for caring for a child or children.

Voucher values:

•    £50.75 per term (in school)
•    50% off instrument hire.

If you have any further questions, please contact Miss Huff via the office or your child’s Home School Book.

Please be aware that by requesting lessons online, you are committing to instrumental lessons if a tutor can be found. You will be liable for the cost of lessons if you decide to pull out after having requested lessons. To make changes to this request, please use the Speed Admin website to do so.