Creative Week 2024

Creative Week

Once again, the children have had the opportunity to become ‘artists’ and have created some truly amazing artwork.

After taking part in the 'Take One Picture Project' last year, the children have been posting regular requests in the suggestion boxes asking for another art week. So just before half term Church Langley hosted its own Creative Week.

Each year group took inspiration from a famous painting. They studied the painting carefully thinking about what they could see (colours, objects etc.), how it made them feel as well as discussing the style and techniques the artist used. Before creating their own piece of art, the children spent time practising and developing the necessary skills. The children have expressed how proud they feel of their artwork.

Quoted below are some of the children’s reflections about the experience.

‘It was very interesting to learn about an Dali’s life and his style of art. I enjoyed blending the watercolours to create a background for my elephant painting.’ Gracie

‘I loved making the Queen’s carriage. I enjoyed all the cutting because I love a challenge.’ Ruby

‘I really enjoyed learning about Picasso. We used different colours to show each emotion in our portraits.’ Betty

‘We chose pictures by Paul Bursnall to draw and then paint using watercolours. I found it nice and calming. I was happy with how it turned out.’ Sienna

Please click on the following link to take you to the Gallery Page, from here, scroll down to find the Creative Week images.