Extra-Curricular Clubs - Spring Term 2020

After School Clubs

Dear Parents,

Many of you have been coming into school, or contacting us, over the past few weeks to find out when after school clubs will be starting again. Unfortunately, after much deliberation, the teaching staff have collectively decided not to offer any after school clubs this term (with the exception of those provided by outside agencies, i.e. Hip-Hop Pop, musical tuition with Essex Music Services and Yoga with Mrs Bedford).

You may not be aware that Church Langley Primary School has always offered a vast range of after school clubs, which are organised and run by our teachers without any payment for doing so. This means that they run clubs voluntarily and then have to come back into school to complete all their other teaching duties. The small fee which parents pay does not go to the teachers running the clubs, but is used to purchase and replace resources for the benefit of all children.

Sadly, over the past few years, we have noted:

  • A growing lack of appreciation for the additional commitment made by teachers in running after school clubs
  • Sporadic attendance at clubs by an increasing number of children
  • An increase in negative feedback, e.g. when children do not get offered a place at a club of their choice due to massive oversubscription, which is rarely offset by positive feedback

The break in offering after school clubs is temporary whilst we gather parental views on the value of extra-curricular activities. To this end, we invite your comments about after school activities and will base our decision, on whether or not to run clubs in the summer term, on the feedback received. Please e-mail your comments to admin@churchlangley.essex.sch.uk with the subject Clubs.

Kind regards,

Stacey Ward.

Head Teacher