Sports Premium

At Church Langley Primary School we pride ourselves on our sporting successes, the quality of our P.E. curriculum, the wealth of opportunities given to pupils to participate in competitive sports and games and the wide range of after school sports clubs offered to children of different ages. In March 2013 the Government determined to pay a ‘ring-fenced sport premium’ to all primary schools to enable each school to ‘improve the quality and breadth of its PE and sporting provision’. This was fantastic news for a school already committed to promoting sport as part of a healthy life style. The sum received by Church Langley Primary School for the academic year 2014-2015 was £9,789.00, this was increased for the academic year 2015-2016 to £10,313.00.


The table below shows how the allocated funding for 2015-2016 has been utilised and the impact expenditure has had on enhancing sporting provision in terms of learning outcomes, engagement and sporting success. 

Resource Allocation

Target Group


£2,000.00 to fund swimming lessons and associated transport.  Identified pupils within Years 5 and 6, i.e. those not yet able to swim 25 metres unaided. Of 42 pupils in Years 5 and 6, initially weak or non-swimmers (whose parents permitted them to attend swimming lessons) who attended weekly swimming lessons, 41 were confidently able to swim the required 25 metres at the end of the swimming lessons provided at no cost to parents; i.e. 98% success. 
£2,217.75 used to purchase additional sports equipment. All pupils. Additional resources purchased to replace sports equipment and equip delivery of additional, enrichment sports within school: tennis, badminton, American football . School successes in town wide tournaments and county tournaments are many and varied. See our school games website for details the school’s level of participation and triumphs in events.

£415.00 transport costs to the 3-Tees County Cricket Tournament.


Plus £360.00 supply cover costs for two accompanying teachers who had coached the children.

Year 2 pupils (team of 8 pupils) 

Winning team from the Harlow Inter-schools 3-Tees Tournament were afforded the opportunity of participating at County Level; strengthening children’s understanding of the structure of tournaments whilst providing an enrichment opportunity to compete with pupils from across Essex.

The team were victorious and returned to school very proud to be County Champions.

£700.00 to fund a ten week tennis coaching course and fund associated transport; including 1 hour per week LSA costs to assist with chaperoning pupils and diesel for the school’s mini bus to transport pupils.

One class of 30 Year 6 pupils

Targeted pupils developed their skills in tennis and received quality support from trained coaches in a designated tennis club. The experience provided enrichment opportunities. 

Staff training – £720.00 supply cover costs to release CLPS teachers to work alongside an experienced teacher developing their own skills in delivering games.  Identified members of staff supported by DS.

Staff members participating in the scheme feel more confident in delivering games with their own classes and are clearer about the rules and expectations of different sports. As a result the quality of their teaching in respect of games has improved.

£1,000 Replacement team kits: socks, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts and sweatshirts Various children throughout Years 1 to 6, i.e. any child representing the school in festivals or tournaments.  Increased numbers of pupils are able to participate in town-wide tournaments wearing a Church Langley kit, of which they can feel proud and develop a sense of team spirit.

£1,000 Support Package from HSSCP.

All pupils from Years 2-6: enhancing participation in competitive events.

Significant numbers of pupils took part in inter-schools tag rugby, basketball, rounders, indoor athletics, football and 3-tees cricket tournaments – to name but a few - with huge levels of success; see or for a full breakdown of the school’s achievements. Additionally, 60 Year 2 pupils participated in the Harlow Mini Olympics for Years 1 and 2; a friendly, inter-schools event hosted by Church Langley for the third consecutive year. All participating pupils (from all schools) received a medal, promoting pride in their achievements and enjoyment in games. 

£500.00 Changing Room Development Project All members of the school community.

Frames purchased and hung to recognise participation in sporting events and celebrate school success therein, fostering pride in the school achievements and encouraging younger pupils to have similar aspirations.

Evidence of staff overcoming extreme challenges fosters a ‘can do’ approach amongst children and ignites their willingness to challenge themselves.

£2068.56 To fund the release of an LSA – employed directly by the school – to assist the SGO at inter-school, town sporting events. Church Langley Pupils in Years 2-6 and pupils from all Harlow schools Increase participation in sporting tournaments for Church Langley pupils and provide vital support for the SGO in organising and supervising town wide tournaments
Total - £10, 981.33

The total spent exceeds the sport premium allocated which reflects the schools commitment to enhancing sporting provision for all, both within our own school and across the wider community.

The school’s contribution to supporting the development of sports across Harlow Town is exemplified by the dedication of David Stacey - Deputy Head of CLPS and SGO for Harlow – who was rightly awarded the Active Harlow Coach of the Year award on October 3rd 2016. Testimony to his commitment to sport within our school and the successes we have enjoyed under his expert guidance is the fact that Church Langley Primary School was recognised as Active Harlow’s School of the Year 2016.

 As a school we are incredibly proud to have received these awards.

For more information about the school’s participation, and success, in a wealth of sporting events and activities please visit: