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Reception and Key Stage 1 Christmas Bazaar

1st December 2023

Location: Main Hall

Key Stage 1 Bazaar for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – Friday 1st December

The cost for each child to participate in the KS1 Bazaar – which includes a visit to Father Christmas with a wrapped present – is £7.50. For this, the children will visit Father Christmas and play a number of games – the majority of which include a prize every time – including lucky dip, pull a string, pick a jar and spin a number, and some other games to be provided by the Year 6 Enterprise Club. We have done a single flat rate price for this type of event in response to parental feedback; in previous years we operated a sliding scale of payments but several parents complained that this was not fair since every child did not then get the opportunity to visit Santa. We have taken this feedback on board and are therefore offering an inclusive package for every child at the fixed cost of £7.50.

We ask that every parent (who wishes their child to take part in the KS1 Christmas Bazaar) send £7.50 to school in an envelope clearly marked with their child’s full name, their class teacher’s name and the title Christmas Bazaar. Please send this payment into school by Thursday 30th November 2023 at the very latest - earlier would be very helpful in terms of internal organization. Sadly, any child for whom we have not received the £7.50 payment will not be able to participate in the bazaar.

PLEASE NOTE: Every child across ALL age groups (i.e. Reception through to Year 6, including all classes) will need to bring a packed lunch to school on Thursday 30th November 2023.