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Reception Christmas Assembly – 2.00 p.m. Adults only

8th December 2023

Location: Main Hall

Friday 9th December Reception Class Christmas Assembly

Adult family and friends of children in Mrs. Jethwa and Mrs. Hible’s classes are invited to join the children for their year group Christmas Assembly at 2.00 p.m. in the main school hall. However, we would ask please that parents and carers do not bring babies or children of any age along to the assembly; the children performing are very young still and will be unfairly distracted by babies crying, toddlers making a noise/calling out, etc.

Parents and carers who arrive with children will not be admitted to the assembly and will therefore miss out themselves, which would undoubtedly be very upsetting for you child in school who is expecting someone to be present in the audience.

Please respect our request to leave all babies and children at home and do not place school staff in a difficult position by bringing younger siblings along to the assembly. Thank you.