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Family Quiz Night

3rd February 2023

Location: Main Hall

Family Quiz Night for parents and their children – 6.30 p.m. start (we should be finished by 8.00 p.m. at the very latest)

We are very keen to continue the drive to encourage parents to participate in the wider life of the school and with this in mind we would like to invite parents and carers to participate in a Parent-Child Quiz Night on Friday 3rd February 2023. Parents will need to organise themselves into teams of 8-10 ‘quizzers’ in which there is a fairly equal spread of children and adults (the number of adults should certainly not be greater than the number of children!) For example, a team may consist of 3 adults with 5 children or 6 children with 4 adults or even a completely equal distribution of 4 and 4, 5 and 5, etc.

Once you have decided who will be on your team, we would ask you to come in and sign them up in the main office, whilst paying £1.00 for each participant; if there are 7 people on your team you will pay £7.00, £10.00 for ten ‘quizzers’, etc. Obviously the school hall does not offer unlimited space so we will have to restrict the number of teams to some extent, although we will aim to accommodate as many of you as possible.

During the night, we will run a raffle and play some simple silly games with cash prizes generated from participant payments, but there will be no obligation whatsoever to join in with these. ‘Quizzers’ should bring their own drinks and snacks along with them on the night and of course there will be prizes for the winning team!

We really hope some of you will join us for this family fun night that will start at 6.30 p.m. We promise it will be lots of fun and the questions will not be too difficult! Fingers crossed you will give it a go.