Year 3's enjoy a Puppet Workshop

Posted On: 28 April 2022

Some of the children in Year 3 have been extremely lucky to have a local artist, Sally Hardcastle from Matipo Arts, visit to lead a puppet workshop.

Sally shared examples of puppets, talked about what they were made from and how materials could be joined together. The children had fun making a finger puppet of their choice by using a piece of card with holes for the fingers.

Under the theme of the ‘Environment and Resilience’, the children used recycled materials to create large original puppets of gods and goddesses. Initially, they discussed the different gods worshipped by people in Ancient Egyptian times and then went on to use their imaginations to invent their own god or goddess. For example, the goddess of colour; the god of love and fashion; the god of flowers and happiness; the goddess of harmony and peace.

The children had great fun working collaboratively to design and make their gods. Quoted below are some of the children’s reflections about the day.

 ‘I loved getting to do something I have never done before.’ Lois

‘Sally was very helpful and she made the day really fun.’ Darcey

'I'm going to make puppets when I get home.’ Isabella

‘It was interesting to make our recycling into something exciting!’ Anya

Sally was very impressed with how much the children had learnt about ancient Egypt, and their creativity and making skills. She sent us the following message:

The children were an absolute joy to work with. They had so many great ideas, such good listening and some fantastic collaboration. Every group came up with a totally unique puppet god or goddess. They worked very well together communicating and compromising. It was great to see so much creativity in one room and such good engagement. Miss Freeman and the other staff were super supportive as well.’ Sally Hardcastle

Please click on the following link to view more images of the Puppet Workshop:

Image Gallery - Church Langley Community Primary School