It's all Greek for the Year 5's

Posted On: 01 July 2023

Once again the children in Year 5 really entered into the spirit of everything to do with Ancient Greek, with a focused day to consolidate this half-term's topic work. The morning saw all 88 children (and staff) fully 'kitted' out in some amazing Greek inspired costumes - from Athena and Poseidon to Medusa and a Helot, they all looked fabulous. Our thanks again to all the parents, family and friends who went that ‘extra mile’ to ensure the children looked and felt fabulous; it really gave some impetuous to the day and the children were so excited to show off their costumes. During the morning sessions the children were transported back in time to create their own Ancient Greek board game before participating in a huge Greek Feast. The children were able to sample a huge variety of foods (and drink) which would have been synonymous with the Greek culture: dried figs, olives, feta cheese, houmous, sundried tomatoes, salted anchovies, cranberry juice, pomegranates and pitta bread with honey or oiland basalmic vinegar.

The afternoon continued with some traditional Greek dancing - the children had great fun following the moves to Zorba the Greek before the day finished with all the children taking part in the Ancient Greek Olympics (thankfully, unlike the Ancient Greeks, our athletes were fully clothed!) The five city-states (teams) battled it out with a series of races before throwing some (foam) javelins. Mrs. Planson's team excelling in the throwing competition! A brilliant time was had by all.