Letter from Carter and Whitbred - re: new hotel

Posted On: 07 November 2018

Carter & Whitbread



29th October 2018


Dear Parents/ Guardians and Children

Planned Construction works at the Potters Arms, Church Langley, Harlow

We are writing to you to advise you that the new Premier Inn hotel construction works have recently commenced at the Potters Arms Public House next door to Church Langley Community Primary School. Construction works started during your half term break and will continue into the summer holidays next year, when the hotel is expected to open. 

Safety for all is our number one priority and not least the safety of you and your children. To this end, it is going to be important for us to ensure that all construction activities are kept separate to those of the school and those clients who use the public house. To achieve this, we will be reducing the size of the existing car park and we will need to restrict access to it.  We are aware that the Potters Arms car park has been a popular and convenient dropping off and collection point for children at the start and end of each school day and we therefore apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We will be working hard to ensure the site and its approach is kept in a safe condition with clear signage and safety information. We will instruct all construction deliveries to avoid peak times and the beginning and at the end of each school day so as not to add further to the congestion in the area around the school. Given the challenges relating to this site, we would really appreciate your assistance here too.  So, if it is possible to walk instead of drive to school, or indeed to park your car further away from the pub entrance, then this would be much appreciated as it will greatly assist us in ensuring the area is kept as clear and safe as possible for all concerned.


During the project we will be keeping in close contact with the school to advise them of future planned activities and of course to hear any matters of concern that you feel we may need to address. We would therefore ask that if you have any concerns you wish to raise throughout the course of the works please contact the School Site Manager on telephone number 01279 29427 or email


Many thanks for your cooperation and assistance.

Kind regards

Malcolm Stephenson,

Client Account Director

R G Carter Projects ltd

30 Out Westgate

Bury St Edmunds,

IP33 3PA