Internet Legends visit Church Langley

Posted On: 29 January 2019

Internet Legends Assembly

It was a pleasure to welcome the ‘Parent Zone’ team to Church Langley Primary School on Thursday 17th January. They delivered an engaging assembly, ‘Google Be Internet Legends,’ to our Key Stage Two children. This audio-visual assembly featured a series of interactive challenges to help the children learn about the importance of creating strong passwords and to support them in spotting online fraud. Pupils were reminded of the importance of thinking before sharing; keeping personal information safe; standing up when witnessing something inappropriate, and recognising how to spot phishing scams.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this thought-provoking assembly; members of the school council said it had prompted them to make their own passwords harder to decipher and to look out for the padlock on a webpage address bar to check whether or not the site was secure. This assembly has coincided well with International Safer Internet Day, which the whole school will take part in on 5th February.

There is a free online game, featured in the assembly, which can be played easily by children that reinforces the importance of making better choices in the online world.