Cheerleading Team through to County Finals

Posted On: 14 March 2019

2..4..6..8..Cheerleading was really GREAT!

Despite some confusion with the venue, the second Cheerleading event was a resounding success and once again the team from Church Langley came away with the trophy! The sports centre at Mark Hall was packed and there was literally standing room only with parents eager to watch the teams perform. The teams were provided with some warm-up time were they had time to practise and refine their routines. The large curtains added to the mystery during the warm-up sections before all was to be revealed. And the teams certainly didn’t disappoint….

Last year we had 5 schools and this year we had double the number of teams, some of which performed in different categories. All of the routines were excellent and judged by Mikey Smith and Rio from Oblivion Allstars. The kids were awesome; they tumbled, flipped and stunted –with series of motions and transitions which reflected the hard work which had gone on behind the scenes. The result was a morning of pure delight for everyone involved; the audience were so supportive and the kids thrived on their energy. Eventually the scores were counted and were as follows:

Upper KS2 (large group +12 participants)

Church Langley 69/80

Henry Moore 67/80

St Albans 66/80

St Lukes 62/80

Hatfield Heath 61/80

Pear Tree Mead 55/80

Lower KS2 (small group less than 12 participants)

Tanys Dell – 62/80

Upper KS2 (small group less than 12 participants)

Tanys Dell 70/80

Cooks Spinney 60/80

All of the children and schools were winners and everyone received a certificate. Our best wishes go to the teams from Church Langley and the 2 Tanys Dell teams who are going to perform for Harlow at the County Finals in Chelmsford on the 28thMarch 2019.