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Year 5 Fashion Design

Some of the children in Year 5 have been extremely lucky to have a local artist, Sally Hardcastle from Matipo Arts, visit school and lead them in a fashion design workshop.
Sally shared examples of designs and talked about what they could be made from and how materials could be joined together. The children had fun turning their scribbles into fashion designs.
Under the theme of the ‘Environment and Resilience’, the children used recycled materials to create a range of garments and accessories. Initially, they discussed the benefits of using certain materials to create different looks and the best way to join them together.
The children had great fun working collaboratively to design and make their garments and accessories. Quoted below are some of the children’s reflections about the day.

‘I really enjoyed it as I learned how to design an outfit out of old recycled clothes. At the end of the day, we had a big fashion show that amazed me. I loved working with all the different types of fabric that Sally brought. She had amazing ideas!’ Jayda
‘When I did our recycled artwork, I found out that the scribble art was my favourite. This was because we were able to make random clothing designs. Thanks to Sally, I learnt that you can make anything out of recycled products.’ Filip
‘It was great that we could expand our creativity skills through designing clothing! The activities were not just enjoyable; they helped me to understand the importance of being eco-friendly.’ Archie