Hoy House win Sports For All Afternoon

Posted On: 27 September 2019

The astro turf pitch was rammed as over 500 pupils, 40 staff and hundreds of parents, friends and family descended for this year's Sports For All Afternoon 2019. The kids looked amazing in their house team coloured t-shirts and matching caps; they were led superbly by the new House and Vice Captains, ensuring that even the youngest competitors had an amazing time. Even though the wind and the rain tried to halt our progress, in true Church Langley style we battled on - the 500 black rain jackets definitely helped!

"The rain coats were such a good idea! We are so lucky to go to a school that seem to think of everything. How many primary schools do you know would suddenly appear with 500 rain jackets? What a lovely afternoon!" 

Thanks to all the parents, friends and family for waiting patiently whilst the staff made sure that all the children were able to return inside to get changed. Special thanks also to the small army of dedicated staff and kids who stayed behind long after the crowds had left to help tidy away the chairs and resources - this was greatly appreciated.

Final placings for Sports For All Afternoon 2019:

Hoy - 1101 points

Ennis - 1029 points

Farah - 1020 points

Rutherford - 1003 points

Brownlee - 998 points

Grainger - 988 points

Ainslie - 977 points

Pendleton - 958 points