Bikeability - a huge HIT with the kids

Posted On: 18 October 2019

I think we could go on a really long bike ride now!

Congratulations to the 36 children who attended and completed the Bikeability courses recently. As a school we actively promote and encourage our children to develop important life skills such as learning to cycle safely on the road. The children attended the two day courses in small groups with trained Bikeability Instructors – who commented upon how sensible and well-behaved our children were. They were looking forward to returning in the coming months to  run further cycle courses as the previous ones were heavily oversubscribed.

There is nothing else that they (the Bikeability Instructors) could improve; it was amazing!

As a reflective school, we listen carefully to the views of the pupils who undertake such activities and opportunities. We are delighted to report back that 97% (35 of the 36 children) enjoyed the Bikeability Course. The children reported that they enjoyed spending time on the playground practising the skills before venturing out onto the major roads in small groups. Notably there were a large number of positive comments about the sense of achievement when cycling around the large roundabout on Church Langley. Many of the children would have liked more time practising their skills, some suggested making the course 4 days instead of two.