Year 5 enjoy a visit to Leigh-on-Sea

Posted On: 20 October 2019

"Urgh, the oyster looks gross. There's no way I'm eating that!" 

Well done to both Year 5 classes, who recently enjoyed a wonderful day out at Leigh-on-Sea as part of their topic on ‘Near and Far’. The trips, which were funded by the school, took the children to compare the land use of a contrasting town with Church Langley and New Hall. Arriving at Leigh-on-Sea, the children walked along the promenade, observing the different industries – most connected with the fishing industry. The children toured round a small fisherman’s cottage which was part of the Leigh Heritage Museum; they found it amazing that a family of 8 could live in such a small house. Outside the museum, the children were able to sample a range of seafood from a local supplier (Osbourne and Sons) including mussels, prawns, crayfish tails, cockles and crab sticks. As you can imagine this was very entertaining, though the children were fantastic brave and well-behaved. After a short stop for lunch, the children continued their field study with a walk along the high street before returning to see the incoming tide. Both classes were great company and represented Church Langley in a very positive light – we received some fabulous comments from the general public, who thought our children were very engaging and respectful.