Safety Outside the School Gates

Posted On: 19 May 2021

Dropping children off in the morning

School staff have noted that a small minority of parents are persistently late (by a matter of a few minutes) and as a result are putting their child's safety at risk by pulling up alongside the turning circle and asking the child/ren to 'jump out of the car'. This is extremely dangerous; children of primary school age have very little road safety awareness and dropping them off in a road is an accident waiting to happen. Please put your child's safety first, even if you are running late, and park in the Tesco car park before escorting your child to the school gate in person; this way you can be sure they have entered school safely. Thank you.


Face Masks and Dogs in the collection area

Several parents have written to me recently as they have noted - as have school staff - a significant reduction in the number of parents wearing face masks when dropping their children off and collecting them from school. I appreciate that national restrictions are gradually being eased, but with the potential upsurge of the 'Indian variant' I would ask you please to consider your own and other people's safety by wearing a mask when dropping off and collecting children. Every little helps as the saying goes.

Similarly, I have been asked to remind dog owners to keep their pets on a very tight lease (or consider muzzling them) if they have to be brought to the school gate. Many of our younger pupils are frightened of dogs and are getting anxious about coming to school because of the number of animals in the standing area. If possible, could you please wait further away from the gates if bringing a dog or maybe consider leaving them at home? Again, I thank you in anticipation of your support and understanding.