Year 4 Puppet Workshop

Posted On: 06 June 2022

Year 4 Puppet Workshop

Local artist, Sally Hardcastle from Matipo Arts, returned to Church Langley to work with some of the Year 4 children.

Sally shared examples of puppets and talked about what they were made from and how materials could be joined together. The children had fun making a finger puppet of their choice by using a piece of card with holes for the fingers.

Continuing with the theme of the ‘Environment and Resilience’, the children used recycled materials to create large original puppets of rainforest animals. Initially, they discussed the different animals that can be found in the Amazon Rainforest and went on to create puppets of a monkey, a turtle and an alligator. Some of the children explored their creativity further to create a dragon, a robot bear and even a Harry Potter puppet.

The children had great fun working collaboratively to design and make their puppets. Quoted below are some of the children’s reflections about the day.

‘It was really hard, but we had fun.’ Erin

I really enjoyed it because it was very arty and crafty!’ Shoshana

‘I had loads of fun making puppets out of recycled materials. Berti

Sally was very impressed with how much the children had learnt about the Amazon Rainforest, and their creativity and making skills.