Year 3 Egyptian Day

Posted On: 07 June 2022

Year 3 Egyptian Day – Friday 1st April 2022

Egyptian day kicked off in style, all the children looked spectacular in their costumes. Our thanks again to all the parents, family and friends who went that ‘extra mile’ to ensure the children looked and felt fabulous. During a busy morning of activities the children carried out their own mummification of a tomato (these are still sitting on a window ledge drying out!).

The children became archaeologists and carried out an excavation of ancient Egyptian artefacts. They uncovered pieces of dazzling jewellery, statues of Egyptian gods and beautiful amulets.

Even though it was a chilly day, the children had fun completing the scavenger hunt. They used their map skills to locate clues around the school. Each clue was a word written in hieroglyphics – that was the easy part. After deciphering the words they had to unscramble a hidden word using the circled letters.  

We ended the day with an Egyptian feast where the children rated the different types of food that the Egyptians would have eaten! We were impressed with how much the children stepped outside their comfort zone and tried a variety of new foods. There were lots of funny facial expressions especially when trying the figs and dates! The food was washed down well with a sample of Egyptian wine – well grape juice at least!

To quote one of the Year 3 children, ‘I wish Egyptian day would never end!’