Year 5 Bikeability courses - great success!

Posted On: 11 December 2023

Congratulations to the 60 children from year 5 who attended and completed the Bikeability courses recently. As a school we continue to actively promote and encourage our children to develop important life skills such as learning to cycle safely on the road. The children were split into 5 groups and most attended the two-day course with trained Bikeability Instructors – who again commented upon how well-behaved and fantastic our children were. Like previous years, as a school we had to ask for further cycle courses as we were heavily oversubscribed. We currently have the second largest uptake in Essex!

The children reported that they enjoyed spending time on the playground practising the skills before venturing out onto the major roads in small groups. Notably there were a large number of positive comments about the sense of achievement when cycling around Church Langley. Many of the children would have liked more time practising their skills, some suggested making the course 4 days instead of two. Those who were not yet ready to tackle the main roads spent extra time cycling within the safe confines of the school site. All 60 children who attended passed Level 1, with 34 children succeeding with Level 2; they received a badge and a certificate from the two instructors.

Bikeability was awesome and we were so lucky that our school had spare bikes which we could use if we didn’t have our own or they were broken!

We learnt lots of new skills about how to keep safe on the roads. I really loved riding around Church Langley and on the school playgrounds!