Year 6 Anti-Bullying video

Posted On: 27 March 2018

Back in November we welcomed many visitors to our school who, alongside their children, took part in many activities as part of Anti-Bullying Week.

Together with their parents, Year 6 students created an anti-bullying video, designed to show the impact that bullying can have on people, as well as ways in which to encourage a positive mind-set and a sense of unity in our fight against bullying behaviour. On Tuesday, the pupils were treated to a Virtual Reality workshop where they donned VR headsets and were fully immersed in a bullying situation. This generated interesting discussions about how to recognise when bullying is happening, the impact that bullying has on people and the role that we all have to play in trying to stamp out bullying behaviour. This was a new and unique way to address this topic with the children; one that we hope will have a positive and lasting impact on the pupils.

A massive thank you to the large number of parents that joined their children in the workshops and activities; your participation and willingness to engage in these sessions demonstrates a unanimous commitment to eliminating bullying.