Church Langley takes inaugural Cheer competition title!

Posted On: 07 March 2018

2..4..6..8..Cheerleading was really GREAT!

Once again I sit here typing with a feeling of incredible pride at the success that our hard work has produced with the inaugural Cheerleading Festival. My thanks as always go to the kids who practised so hard week on week after school, especially the Year 6 Sports Crew who were perfect role-models. Thanks to the staff who came and supported the club - Mrs Pardoe, Mr Dunkin and Miss Lott; all of who had to fill in for missing pupils on various occasions and had a great time, bringing lots of energy and laughter to our practise!

The sports centre at Mark Hall was packed and there was literally standing room only as the tiered seating was filled with parents eager to watch the teams perform. They were made to wait a little while, as the large curtains added to the mystery during the warm-up sections before all was to be revealed. And the teams certainly didn’t disappoint….

From an idea (a conversation back in July 2017 at a meeting), to a CPD event in November to a Festival in March – the staff of the 5 schools involved have performed miracles to produce such polished routines, with groups of children who clearly enjoyed themselves. Our thanks were given wholeheartedly to MIkey Smith from Oblivion Allstars who has coached everyone along the way; Mikey was joined by 2 of his team coaches to judge the finals.

The routines were awesome; the kids tumbled, flipped and stunted –with series of motions and transitions which reflected the hard work which had gone on behind the scenes. The result was a morning of pure delight for everyone involved; the audience were so supportive and the kids thrived on their energy. Eventually the scores were counted with Church Langley narrowly edging out Tanys Dell, Hatfield Heath, Pear Tree Mead and Hare Street for the first win BUT it was never about a winning team – all of the children and schools were winners and everyone received a medal and a certificate. Our best wishes go to Church Langley and Tanys Dell who are going to combine to perform for Harlow at the County Finals in Chelmsford on the 22nd March 2018.