Science Week

Posted On: 09 July 2018

The children had a great time participating in Science Week before half term! We were visited by Eva, a real scientist from Norway, who kicked things off with a literal bang by making mini rockets during our launch assembly.

Throughout the week, children in year one took part in investigations focussed on animals. We explored birds; how different shaped beaks are suitable for different food types, and made our own birds’ nests with clay and natural materials.

We looked at camouflage, trying to find as many M&Ms that were hidden in amongst Skittles sweets as possible! Their same colour and similar shapes made them difficult to spot. We created our own camouflaged animals, using oil pastels to draw them with the same patterns that featured on the backgrounds we’d made.

Eva showed us how our digestive system works; we learnt about the parts of the body that digests our food and what happens to the good bits and the bad!

During science swap day, the children enjoyed visiting different year one and Foundation Stage teachers to take part in exciting experiments. Highlights included: egg drops, making giant bubbles and erupting volcanoes.

We have definitely caught the science ‘bug’ and look forward to having another Science Week sometime in the near future.