Foundation Stage visit the Beach

Posted On: 10 July 2018

On Monday the children in the Foundation Stage went on their first school trip to Brightlingsea beach.

Throughout the summer term, the children in the Foundation Stage have been learning all about the seaside and how to keep themselves safe in the water and sun. They know to wear a hat, sunglasses and sun cream to stop themselves from damaging their eyes and skin. The children brought lots of water to keep hydrated. The children knew to only go in the water when supervised by an adult and only to paddle where it was shallow.

The children even managed to squeeze in a bit of science, thinking about how adding water to the sand would change the consistency, making it easier or more difficult to build a sand castle!

The Foundation Stage were lucky to get such lovely weather, enabling them to have a picnic on the beach, paddle in the sea, build sandcastles and have a game of football inspired by the World Cup.